Lights On, Design Up - Masterpiece expands into Kitchen & Bath with Kiba Studios!

Lights On, Design Up - Masterpiece expands into Kitchen & Bath with Kiba Studios!

Jan 1st 2024 L1 Marketing

Get ready to illuminate your next design project with dazzling possibilities! We're thrilled to announce that Masterpiece Lighting & Home, your one-stop shop for stunning lighting solutions, is expanding into the world of Kitchen & Bath with Kiba Studios!

For years, we've helped bring your living spaces to life with exquisite chandeliers, sleek sconces, and everything in between. Now, we're taking our passion for design a step further by partnering with Kiba, a premium brand renowned for its sleek, functional, and beautifully crafted kitchen and bath cabinetry.

This exciting partnership signifies a new chapter for Masterpiece Lighting & Home. We're not just about lights anymore; we're your trusted guide to creating cohesive and captivating home environments. Whether you're embarking on a complete kitchen or bathroom overhaul, or simply seeking to refresh your space with a new vanity or statement faucet, our expert team will be by your side every step of the way.

Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect:

  • Seamless Integration: Imagine browsing a curated selection of Kiba cabinetry alongside our diverse lighting collections. Visualize how pendant lights cast a warm glow over your custom kitchen island, or how recessed lighting accentuates the clean lines of your new bathroom vanity. We'll help you blend form and function flawlessly, ensuring your kitchen and bath exude both style and practicality.
  • Expert Design Assistance: Our talented team of lighting and interior design professionals will be at your disposal, offering personalized guidance and recommendations to tailor your kitchen and bath design to your unique needs and vision. From selecting the perfect cabinet hardware to choosing the ideal lighting fixtures, we'll ensure your space reflects your personality and lifestyle.
  • Unmatched Quality and Selection: Kiba cabinets are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, innovative features, and timeless designs. Coupled with our curated selection of lighting solutions from top brands, you'll have access to an unparalleled array of options to create a space that's both beautiful and built to last.

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