Every room in your home has its own character and personality. The living room is warm and inviting, while the bedroom is your retreat from the world. The bathroom is a place where you can pamper yourself, and the kitchen is where everyone gathers when you have friends and family over to visit.

At Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta, we can help you find the perfect lighting options for every room in your home. With a variety of styles to choose from, as well as products from the world’s leading lighting brands, it’s easy to discover exactly what you love when it comes to lighting. Keep reading to learn more about each room!

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting needs to be bright and functional, but it also needs to be versatile so that you can set the lights where you need them based on your mood or time of day. Everything from the vanity lights to the recessed cans above the shower should add to the ambience of the room.

When looking at vanity lights, you might be considering the traditional three- or four-bulb fixture that goes above the sink. While that can be a good choice in some cases, it might be better to install two sconces, on one either side of the mirror. These sconces can cast more flattering light on your face when you’re shaving, putting on makeup, and doing other daily tasks in front of the mirror.

For the main ceiling fixture, you might want something a bit more elegant. A small pendant or chandelier can be a great choice, given that your ceiling is high enough. A new flush or semi-flush mount light can also work for bathrooms with a ceiling of standard height.

Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom is where you go to get away from the stresses of life. You should be able to relax in the bedroom, and lighting plays a big role in that relaxation. Lamps, ceiling fans, and more are integral parts of any bedroom lighting design.

When it comes to finding new lights, think about how you use your bedroom. Do you normally read before going to sleep, and therefore rely on a bedside lamp every single night? Do you have a desk in the bedroom where you sit and write or pay bills, and therefore need a new desk lamp? Thinking about things like these can help immensely when it comes to purchasing new lights.

Ceiling fans are also commonly found in bedrooms, since homeowners want the room to be the right temperature for sleeping. If you have an old or outdated fan, why not update it with a modern fixture that is more efficient and keeps the room just as cool during the summer and warm during the winter?

Dining Room Lighting

The dining room may not be used for dining on a regular basis, but it’s still important to have the right lighting in place for when you do have guests over for a formal dinner. Everything from the chandelier to the wall sconces needs to be cohesive in terms of style, and if your dining room looks like it belongs in the 1950s, it might be time to upgrade.

Every dining room lighting design begins with the chandelier. It’s important for this central fixture to be perfect, since everything else in the room plays off of its style, shape, and size. A chandelier that’s too big can dwarf the table and make the room seem smaller than it actually is. A chandelier that’s too small can make the room seem dim, and it won’t make the statement you want it to make.

As for accent lighting, wall sconces and lamps are great choices. You can pick sconces that are the same style as the chandelier, completing the design idea. Track lighting can also be added to highlight any artwork in the room.

Entry/Foyer Lighting

When people enter your home for the first time, they usually do so by the front door. They’ve already seen the outside of your house, but the first impression they have of the interior comes from your entryway or foyer. You want them to feel welcome and eager to see the rest of the house, and those feelings can be conveyed through the lighting.

For tall, two-story entryways, a large chandelier is often a great choice. Guests will be able to glimpse it from the outside, but they can truly take in the light’s splendor once they’re inside. You’ll want the chandelier to illuminate the entire space, so, as with the dining room, it’s important to choose a fixture that’s the right size.

If you have a foyer with a standard-height ceiling, flush-mount lighting is likely best. This fixture can also be stylish, and you can complement it with well-placed wall sconces or a new table or floor lamp. These accent fixtures will bring the light down to eye level and make the space feel more warm and inviting.

Hallway Lighting

The hallway can be one of the more challenging areas to light. The space is long and narrow, which means you’ll need multiple lights along the span of the hall. It’s important to measure your hallway to see how many lights you need, since the standard is to have a ceiling fixture every eight to 10 feet.

For additional lighting, you can opt for wall sconces, but only if the hallway is wide enough to accommodate them. You don’t want people running into the sconces as they walk down the hall, especially if they’re passing another person. If you don’t have room for sconces, consider installing recessed lights between your flush or semi-flush mount fixtures. If the hallway has higher ceilings, you can alternate between recessed lights and hanging pendants, just make sure the pendants are high enough for people to walk underneath them!

Game Room Lighting

The game room is often one of the most popular spots in the entire house. It’s where the new flat screen TV is, it’s where the game tables are, and you might even have a wet bar. As for lighting, it’s best to think of this room in terms of different “zones.”

For the pool table or game table zone, your first priority should be the right overhead light. An island or billiard light can be a great choice, so it can be centered over the table surface. It will provide illumination by which to play, and it can be on its own switch.

As for the other zones, which are usually the seating/TV viewing area and bar area, they will need their own lights as well. Recessed fixtures are ideal for home theater zones, since they can be dimmed and don’t hang down and create glare on the screen. For the bar area, consider adding small table lamps to the bartop that can be controlled via an individual toggle switch.

Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is where people gather for food, drink, and good company. When you have people over, it’s almost natural for them to gravitate towards the kitchen. You might be putting the finishing touches on the appetizers or the meal, and guests want to hang out with you while you prepare.

When it comes to kitchen lighting, it’s always important to consider everything the space is used for on a daily basis. Yes, you cook in the kitchen, which is why you need bright light from the ceiling and above the countertops, but you also entertain in the space. The right kitchen island fixtures can make a huge difference, and they’ll prove useful whenever you have guests over or whenever the kids are doing their homework while you’re making dinner.

As for fixtures, it’s best to have the right ceiling fixture, such as a chandelier or pendant light, as well as under cabinet lights. Wall lights are a possibility, but keep in mind that most of the kitchen walls are occupied by cupboards.

Living Room Lighting

The living room is often the largest space in the house, and it needs to be in order to accommodate all of the activities that happen there. You might have a favorite chair by the fireplace where you love to read, which means you need the right floor lamp. There might be a cozy couch where you snuggle up with the family and watch movies, and this area will need recessed lighting and table lamps.

If the living room has a play area for the kids or a separate seating area that you use when people come to visit, then you’ll also need dedicated fixtures for these spots. A single hanging pendant can look great over a coffee table, and as for the play area, a ceiling light or large floor lamp can illuminate the space where the kids have their toys and games.

It’s also important to think about new lighting controls for your living room, since there will be so many fixtures. Separate switches and dimmers for your overhead lights will allow you to control how bright or dark the room is, depending on the current activity or mood.

Office Lighting

Working from home can offer several benefits, such as having a more flexible schedule and being able to pick the kids up from school every day. However, if you don’t have the right lighting in your home office, you might find that you’re not as productive as you could be. Overhead lighting, lamps, and other fixtures are essential for maximum productivity and comfort.

Starting with your work area, it’s important to consider if you’re relying solely on the ceiling lighting to illuminate your desk. If the light is coming from above and behind you, then you’re likely casting a shadow on your work surface. Investing in a new desk lamp can make a big difference when it comes to better lighting and daily workflow.

As for other spots in your home office, think about what you do in those areas. If you have a couch where you like to sit to read over things, a well-placed floor lamp is a must. If the overhead lighting is too dim or the wrong color temperature, think about what you can do to update it.

Outdoor Lighting

Your outdoor lighting should accentuate your home’s architectural and design features, as well as make your property safer and more secure. Depending on the size and scale of your home, you might need outdoor lights in multiple locations. Pathway lighting will help people find their way to your front door, and your porch fixtures will welcome them with a warm, inviting glow. Landscape lighting highlights your trees, bushes, and other natural features, while spot lights and motion sensor fixtures illuminate dark spots where trespassers might use while approaching your home.

An outdoor lighting design needs to combine ambience and safety, and whether you’re updating your front or backyard, it’s important to keep new lights at the top of the list. If your exterior fixtures seem old or they don’t work half the time, then it’s probably time for new options. Outdoor timers are also a good investment so that your lights turn on and off at the same time each night.

When it comes to choosing new outdoor lights, keep in mind what styles you want your home to have. You’ll be looking at them every evening when you come home, so it’s important that they’re something you enjoy seeing!

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